Alix (Sales and Marketing Director)


Alix (co-founder) has been with ei2 since the very beginning in 2000; together with Lara is the knowledgeable force behind ei2's success.
Alix is a hard worker who puts in the hours on Thursday nights Alix really comes into her own as one of the industry’s best networkers. When not in the office she enjoys time with her young sons, Teo and Milo and hope's that one of them will come to run the company one day. A true professional and skilled project manager clients often comment on
Alix's  dedication and commitment.

Lara (Design Director) 

Lara joined us 10 years ago but it seems as though she has been with us since day one.A key member of ei2 she oversees all design projects and we can't imagine how we'd survive without her. Lara's projects begin on the drawing board (CAD & 3D) and end with site surveys. Lara enjoys good food, travelling and sun worshiping. 


Fuad (Operations and Design Manager)

Fuad is a key part of the team and without him the office would fall apart. All logistics are controlled by Fuad, along with overseeing the management of the showroom, helping with quotations and order processing. With a Design & Administrative background, Fuad enjoys his role in an enthusiastic manner.