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cockpit 2.0

Werner Works has released a new reception desk range Cockpit 2.0.

Cockpit 2.0 is based on a modular system which has proven great success from the existing cockpit range. Each module can also be altered to create the best solution possible for each individual scenario.


We believe Cockpit 2.0 meets all the criteria of a functional workplace and additionally gives quality and overall aesthetics. 


basic flow

Happy new year!


A lot has happened in the first month of 2015, the highlight of which is that we have updated our website and it is now live!


Also we have a new employee, Will, who will be helping with sales support and marketing from now on.


Last but not least, Werner have released a brand new curved Tambour door system called 'Flow', you can see pictures of the new product below.


We hope the new website proves useful and wish you all the best for 2015!