collaborative spaces & breakout areas

Werner Works' Communication modules for short scheduled meetings, for spontaneous meetings or informal exchange in the office. 


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basic flow

basic flow is shelving system that creates mobile rooms for modern office work. It offers the benefits of pure storage furniture possibilities, with straight and curved shelves to design rooms and structure. It can also be partially closed by the use of movable louver elements felt the open shelving structure. The cabinet is thus an essential component of the overall architectural concept.

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k-module & R-module

The K-module, a new spontaneous product range serves as a platform for stand-up meetings and is optional electrified. Formal and constructive, the K-modules are derived from the receiving system basic C. Thus, the K-module Sit is also a waiting bench, stool or table in the foyer, a supplement to the Werner Works reception desks. The seat cushions are placed loosely and are always displaced.  

The R-module range concepts offer the modern office diverse zones for alternating activities. In addition to the classic work, more and more areas for different activities office, service areas, communication and central storage. With the space modules, different Blocks for designing modern office concepts can be achieved. 

Materials & Finishes