shelving systems

Thanks to consistent model upgrading, Werner Works offers individualised design options for added utility and differentiated user solutions. The wide range of carcass elements offers an ideal enhancement for offices, commercial buildings, residential spaces as well in the hospitality industry. 


basic VIEW

The basic VIEW system consists of solid glued carcasses in 3 widths and 4 heights, which can be endlessly extended via intermediate floors. The open room dividers can also be retrofitted with rear walls, drawers, push doors or flaps. The result is a change between open, transparent views and closed fronts

The modular system with the individual equipment options and the variety of surfaces, such as decorations, lacquers, real wood veneers and fabrics offers a great design freedom. As a partial open shelving structure, basic view can divide spaces and at the same time allow for attractive vistas. Openness and delimitation - the transitions are fluid.

. . .

open-fronted shelving

Functional and formally-structured shelving system with perfect internal organisation. The shelving system is composed of single carcass elements and is compatible with the cupboard system, i.e. the same height and width. The shelves are set at a defined height and are flush with cupboard sides.

Materials & Finishes