hinged door

The hinged door cupboards are 19mm thick, allowing for various types of finishes.  Doors can be equipped with a range of handles.  

The benefits of hinged doors, they are simple and inexpensive to produce, the werner doors can go up to 2512mm H in a single piece as standard. Hinged doors provide a clean and minimalist look.

storage wall & tall units

Werner Works storage walls consist of sliding doors, hinged doors, drawer compartments, open shelves and lockers which can be finish in many variations such as, magnetic whiteboard, acoustic and fabric. 


Werner gives you the flexibility to specify your own cupboards. As standard carcasses can either be 320mm D or 430mm D, offering 1 to 6 heights of filing, as well as giving you the option to have stackable units should there be insufficient access to site. 

Werner Works tall units also know as the BST range, provides many benefits with it's trackless door system such as:


• No space taken up in communal areas due to open hinged doors.

• Unrestricted access to the inner cupboard space.

• Completely lockable with only one lock.

• Integrated soft-close system with self-closing mechanism.


This system is available in 3 to 8 file heights. 

sliding door

The Sliding Door cupboards attractive in form and function with compatible elements is designed to keep everything in place. The individual carcass elements are attached and configured via slide rails at the top and bottom. Doors slide smoothly with different trim panels securely attached to a full-length aluminium profile on each side of the door.

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Materials & Finishes